Whether you’ve read a book like, The Four Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss, or have been inspired by some other book, blog post or magazine article on the merits of location independence, it’s definitely a trend that’s growing in popularity.

What is it exactly? Location independence is a term used to describe entrepreneurs who take to the streets … literally. Working and living on the road, often in a motorhome, these busy and adventurous individuals are changing the landscape of entrepreneurism.

And it’s not only individuals or couples making this a way of life. Often entire families will make their life and livelihood on the road.

We had these folks in mind when we heard recently about the new Winnebago Fuse, a C Class motorhome built on a Ford Transit chassis.

Whether you’re location independent or simply enjoy getting outside a bit in your spare time, we hope you’ll find your way to Jim Snead Ford in Waynesboro, Virginia. Here you’ll find the perfect vehicle for future adventures.

Not in the market for a new vehicle? Please call today and schedule your current ride for your next maintenance or repair appointment in our service center. We’d be happy to serve you!

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